Step by Step, Little by Little (4)

Monday, July 4, 2016 12:33 PM umbraco


The last "step by step" post is almost a year old. What has become of NuCache in the meantime?

Well, like good wines, good code needs time to mature. That, and the realization that to produce a clean front-end cache abstraction, we had to make some breaking changes in Core, which would only fit within v8.

And so, NuCache work was frozen on v7, while v8 was moving forward until it reached the point where NuCache could be merged in. Which means that, no, there will not be a public v7 version of NuCache.

Nevertheless... we have moved forward. And today, I am quite excited to announce that this site has been upgraded, and is now running an alpha version of v8 with NuCache and ModelsBuilder! Woot!

What does it mean?


A v7 website has been upgraded to v8. A rather simple website, sure. But anyways. It worked. It was not a "transparent" upgrade, of course, because v8 is moving cheese around. But the concepts and ideas are the same. So, it's mainly a matter of pointing your code to where the cheese has moved. Can be tedious, but not difficult.

Oh, and cheese is not moving for the sake of moving cheese. The idea is to create something that makes more sense and is easier to understand. Hopefully.

Running v8

Sounds simple, but it means a lot. For a while now we have been making sure that v8 is actually in a state where it can run. The build does not break, all unit tests are green. The idea is that v8 is not an abstract, far-fetched evolution of Umbraco, but an actual, tangible product that undergoes refactoring and cleanup cycles.

Ok, I want it, I want it now!

Ah well. I was so happy to upgrade, that parts of the code that this site is running have not been reviewed by the Core team and have not been merged in the v8 branch, yet. So, unfortunately, nothing you can download today. But it should be online pretty soon!

Now, time to enjoy summer.

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