About this site

Up until December, 2014 I had no real public space where to communicate about what I was doing, and was more or less working in the dark. This site was then created to give more visibility on my work. I have no precise idea where it is going—time will tell.

What is it running?

The site runs on top of Umbraco—usually a few versions ahead of the public release, because I use it to experiment and dogfood my own work-in-progress.

As of June 6th, 2019 it runs on top of the latest v8/dev branch (8.1.0-something) with a few in-progress branches merged in.

It runs on a Windows 2012 R2 Standard x64 VM hosted at Amazon.


The theme is an original theme which draws inspiration from Peter Bailis' website (before he redesigned it, that is). The code is in many places heavily inspired from Shannon Deminick's great blogging package Articulate.