About this site

This site was created in December, 2014 to give some visibility on my work, and to be an experimental and dog-fooding platform for web developments.

What is it running?

The site is powered by Umbraco—usually a few versions ahead of the public release, because I use it to experiment and dogfood my own work-in-progress. As of May 4th, 2021 it runs on top of the latest v8/dev branch (8.12.2-something) with a few in-progress & custom branches merged in.

It is hosted on a t3.medium Amazon AWS EC2 instance in the EU-West zone (Ireland), running Windows Server 2019 x64 and SqlServer 2017 Express.

At times, the following may be up to (all sites share the same database instance and content in an LB setup):


The blog code is in many places heavily inspired from Shannon Deminick's great blogging package Articulate. Images are processed with the help of Image Sharp, and most icons are provided by the Font Awesome project.

Photos are either public domain, or my own.