French Developer Keyboard (2)

Posted on March 12, 2020 in hacks

For years now, my main keyboard has been a black DasKeyboard. As in, totally black, no marking. Very much hype. It has allowed me to do cool things, such as remapping the layout to get a French developer keyboard.

My layout is a mix of Azerty (French) and Qwerty with characters such as curlies and brackets in convenient places. Makes programming way easier, is easy to learn, and not too different from what everyone uses—so it's not too hard to switch to and from other machines.

It always impresses people that I can type without having any marking on the keyboard. The blue Cherry MX switches make an amazingly loud noise... all in all, very cool. At least at the beginning. After a while, typing this very cryptic password without making mistakes reveals tricky, and don't mention the crazy noise.

In addition, having used my custom layout for about two years now, the positions have stabilized to the following layout, and I don't expect them to move anytime soon.

And so... I have finally ordered my own custom WASD keyboard. It has a very discreet marking, and quiter brown Cherry MX switches.

So far... I'm liking it a lot.

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