I am the author and maintainer of ModelsBuilder, an essential tool for the Umbraco CMS. If you use it regularly, or any of my other Open Source tools, you may want to consider my GitHub Sponsorship Program and help ensure that the tools you depend on are maintained in a sustainable way. Thanks!

Get a license

NOTE: the ZpqrtBnk General License experiment has been terminated on Oct. 29, 2019. This page is obsolete and only maintained for reference.

So you have made up your mind and you want to purchase a license.

How much does it cost

How much to you think it is worth? How much can you, and do you want to, contribute? I would assume that a one-dev shop and a large agency are different. You decide the price (but we can talk, if that helps: my email is right below).

The purpose of the license is to allow me to stay afloat and keep contributing. I will publish a financial report, to give people some visibility on how their contribution fit in the grand total.


Send an email to sgay@pilotine.com, indicating:

You will then receive one or many PDF invoices, via email. It will be issued by Pilotine, my French-registered company.

I may want to use your name, for instance to publicly thank you. If you would rather stay anonymous, please state it.

Licenses are not auto-renewed. Shortly after the license expires (one year later), I will contact you. You will be free to make up your mind again and decide to renew, or pause.